How To YOLO: Go Solo.

Have you ever been jealous of heroines who would pack their bags, drive off, and disappear for days at a time? I have. I have always believed it to be a brave and bold thing to do.┬áTo be able to leave everything behind and reflect on someone's life - "Am I still in a life … Continue reading How To YOLO: Go Solo.


Simply No Place Like Baler

Maraming beses na kitang nilayasan..iniwanan at iba ang pinuntahan, parang babaeng ang hirap kalimutan..Ikaw lamang ang aking laging binabalikan..yes, that's a Hotdog favorite! But I'm not talking about Manila. If there's one place I love coming back to, it's none other than Baler! With so many famous vacation spots in the Philippines, why do I … Continue reading Simply No Place Like Baler

A Snapshot of Quiapo

The busy and narrow streets of Quiapo are daunting to newcomers. We arrived at one in the afternoon, sun at its highest for the day, and pathways stretching in every direction made us feel more uneasy. Quiapo is known not only for its cheap finds and extensive supply of what-have-yous but also for quite a number of pickpockets and snatchers. One would question then how two young sisters (i would still like to think so) would embark on a mission to explore this uncharted territory. Good thing we came ready with our body bags and hidden pockets on my jacket to avoid unwelcome "encounters".